“Cinderella.” Fairy Tales in Easy Words, Springfield, MA: McLoughlin Brothers, Inc., [1923], pp. 3-26.



“Cinderella.” Fairy Tales in Easy Words, Springfield, MA: McLoughlin Brothers, Inc., [1923], pp. 3-26.


This version of Cinderella was written with language suitable for children of all ages and contains only one-syllable words. It includes few black and white illustrations, but there are more words than pictures. This book was created with the intention of entertaining young readers who are interested in Fairy Tales.

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Fairy Tales in Easy Words

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Springfield, Massachusetts


United States


McLoughlin Brothers, Inc.



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This version of Cinderella resembles the classic tale we have all come to know and love. Cinderella is mistreated by her two stepsisters and step mother when her father remarries later in life. Cinderella cooks, cleans, and does other chores in the house and her soot-covered clothes earn her the iconic name of Cinderella. Cinderella remains kind to her stepsisters despite her mistreatment and, because of her generosity, her fairy godmother grants her several wishes so that she may attend the ball with her sisters. Cinderella is the fairest of them all attending the ball, but when the clock strikes twelve she must run home before her clothes change back into rags. Cinderella leaves a shoe behind after the second ball she attends leading the prince to search for its rightful owner, Cinderella.


Charles Perrault


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