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Collected Item: “Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm; “The Sleeping Beauty.” A Selection from Grimm’s Fairy Tales, illustrated by Gilbert James, London: Siegle, Hill and Co., [c. 1900], pp. 31-42.”

Full bibliographic citation (MLA)

Grimm. “MEDIA INFORMATION.” Selection from Grimm's Fairy Tales - Historical and Illustrated Fairy Tales,,page_order.

Title of the complete book/anthology (not a single chapter/fairy tale)

Grimm's Fairy Tales - Langham Series for Children

Illustrator(s) of the book/anthology (leave blank if none are listed)

Grimm, Wilhelm; Grimm, Jacob; James, Gilbert

City where the book/anthology was published

London and New York

The country where the book/anthology was published (use United States for US publications)

United Kingdom and United States

The publisher of the book/anthology (as written on the title page)

Siegle Hill & Co; The H.B. Claflin Company

Date of publication (or date range from the library catalog, if no dates are listed in the book)

Between 1900 and 1999

The decade the book was published (use the drop down menu)


The fairy tale type (use the drop down menu)

Sleeping Beauty

The author of the fairy tale/chapter (leave blank if none is listed). If there is only an author for the whole book/anthology listed, use that author again for this entry

Grimm, Wilhelm; Grimm, Jacob; James, Gilbert

What is special about this version of the tale?

This tale is short and very romantic. It is not gruesome, like many of the Grimm fairytales are. The illustrations are minimalistic and beautiful, perfect for children or adults. I enjoyed this quick, but detailed version of Sleeping Beauty.

A brief summary of the plot that highlights any unique variations

This tale starts right off the bat with the princess being cursed, and then skips to her pricking her finger and everyone falling asleep. The authors even go so far as to describe all the animals that are sleeping as well. Right after the princess falls asleep, the story goes straight to the prince who will save her. The hedges open for him and he enters the property. He walks past everything and kisses the princess, waking everyone up from their 100 year slumber. Then of course, the prince marries the princess and they live happily ever after.

The original source of the fairy tale, if easily identifiable (Straparola, Basile, de Beaumont, Perrault, Grimm, etc.)


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