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Collected Item: “Perrault, Charles. "The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood." Old French Fairy Tales, Boston: Little, Brown, 1899, pp. 328-341.”

Full bibliographic citation (MLA)

Perrault, Charles, D'aulmoy, Madame. Old French Fairy Tales. Boston, Little, Brown, And Company, 1899. Print.

Title of the complete book/anthology (not a single chapter/fairy tale)

Old French Fairy Tales

The name of the author or editor of the complete book/anthology (leave blank if none are listed)

Charles Perrault
Madame D'Aulnoy

City where the book/anthology was published


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United States

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Little, Brown, And Company

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Sleeping Beauty

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Charles Perrault
Madame D'Aulony

What is special about this version of the tale?

This story is more focused on the Queen then it is the princess, although it starts with the princess it ends with the queen.

A brief summary of the plot that highlights any unique variations

A king and a queen have a miracle daughter while celebrating the birth of there newborn daughter seven fairies are invited to the party to bestow a gift upon the child. After all seven carries tell their gift, the old outcast fairy appears and puts a curse on the girl that she will die by the touch of a spindle. the king and queen begging the fairies to resolve put a spell of rather than death she falls asleep for 100 years and only the prince of a king can awaken her. After fifteen to sixteen years past the king and queen go to the countryside and leave there daughter in the castle. The princess finds an old woman spindling and demands she tries it as well, seconds later she faints into a deep sleep. King, the queen, and the fairy arrive to be at the bed of the princess, worried that she'll wake up with no company the fairy puts the whole kingdom asleep and cards it with monstrous trees and thorns. 100 years past and the prince comes to find the castle, only the trees and thorns part for him, he finds the princess and awakens her along with the kingdom. They get married and have a boy (Apollo) and a girl (Aurora). Prince moves his family to his kingdom where his mother is located (an ogress). While the prince goes hunting the queen wants to eat her grandchildren and daughter in law but was rather tricked into eating a lamb instead. The queen furious of being tricked gathered a tub of serpents and was about to put them in till the prince came back. The queen furious again decided to jump in the tub instead and die.

The original source of the fairy tale, if easily identifiable (Straparola, Basile, de Beaumont, Perrault, Grimm, etc.)


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